Maison Cresci à Nice et Cannes
Maison Cresci à Nice et Cannes

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The Maison Cresci’s story begins in 1956 when La Pizza opened on Nice’s Rue Masséna. Ever the pioneer, Francis Cresci opened the first pizzeria in Nice, and thereby introduced the new concept of the pizzeria restaurant in France. Since its beginnings, the family business has opened two other restaurants in Nice, along with La Pizza in Cannes. Throughout the decades, numerous celebrities have visited these restaurants, which have become real institutions.

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La Pizza Cresci Nice

Legendary restaurant on Rue Masséna, at the heart of the city

What an idea to have introduced the concept of the pizzeria in France, and what better place than Nice’s main street! In 1956, Francis Cresci opened La Pizza Cresci on Rue Masséna, a lively place designed to offer each new generation the opportunity to go out and dine at a restaurant at any time of day until late at night.

Since then, La Pizza Cresci has added other delectable specialities to its menu, included pasta, meat and seafood dishes.

La Taverne Masséna

Brasserie at the heart of Nice’s pedestrian district

Opened in 1963 and just 100 m from La Pizza, Francis Cresci's second restaurant in Nice invites you on a culinary odyssey at the heart of the pedestrian district with all its hustle and bustle.
A renowned brasserie, La Taverne Masséna welcomes lovers of good food to enjoy themselves on the terrace or in the beautifully decorated dining rooms. Here, you can enjoy a traditional or seafood choucroute in a friendly atmosphere, or one of the famous half-moon pizzas that have made the Maison Cresci so famous, of course.

Le Québec

Pizzeria and steak house on Rue Masséna at the heart of Nice

This was the third restaurant from the Maison Cresci in Nice, opened in 1963 at 43 Rue Masséna. Le Québec pays homage to the magnificent Canadian province with a wide array of culinary delights inspired by cuisines of the Americas, including the famous Quebecois dish poutine.
Here you’ll also find the famous Cresci half moon pizzas, as well as other recipes concocted with love by the chef and his team.


La Pizza Cresci Cannes

Welcome to the Vieux Port at the foot of Le Suquet

Fresh from the success of La Pizza Cresci in Nice in 1956, Francis Cresci, fascinated by the magic of cinema and the founder of the Maison Cresci, opened La Pizza Cresci in Cannes in 1960.
This iconic establishment in Cannes’ Vieux Port is a major player in the town. Brimming with colour and flavour, the restaurant has managed to keep its old-time spirit and warmth.